Monday, February 20, 2012

Salt & Sugar Free Seasonings

Benson's Gourmet Seasonings 
Salt & Sugar Free, no potassium salt substitute, certified Kosher

A visit to the San Clemente,CA. farmers market, this weekend, was again a fun adventure.  Clients often complain that the raw-vegan diet lacks flavor, especially in the begining when your taste buds are readjusting.  Our typical Western diet deadens the pallet.  We don't really taste the flavor of our fresh whole foods until some detoxing occurs. 

As a professional Chef I always used salt and pepper on just about everything.  When I transitioned to a raw-vegan diet and researched more about the self healing process, I stopped leaning on salt for flavor and incorporated more herbs and spices.  I taught a class on blending flavors to create international dishes but the majority of clients aren't interested in the time investment.  I suggest herb and spice blends to inspire you in the kitchen.

I met Debbie Benson of Benson's Gourmet Seasonings in her booth at the farmers market.  My sister and I followed the savory aroma (skillet chicken) through the line of booths to Debbies oasis of flavors.  When I saw the words Salt Free and Sugar Free, I was already hooked.  Debbie introduced us to a few samples and told us more about the quality of her blends including: No potassium salt substitute, non-irradiated ingredients, and certified Kosher.  Debbie sells the blends singularly and as a collection of six.  We bought a collection and I've been using them on everything.  You can order from the website and you can also find the Benson Gourmet Seasoning booth at the San Clemente farmers market on Saturdays.

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