Friday, March 15, 2013

"Conscious Cuisine" Culinary and Nutritional Classes

A photo of Valerie at a juice bar open house ~ Raw Samples!

Intuitively each of us is abandoning decades of weight loss diets, random cleanses and "natural" appetite suppressants. We're slowing down, spending more time in the kitchen and shopping the farmers market more often. It's exciting to hear about so many people making the shift to a primarily plant based diet while embracing beneficial nutrition and detoxification in their daily choices.  As we age we are shifting our focus to the wisdom of living in optimal health while seeking holistic alternatives to restore health in a process of self healing.

You want to eat healthier but there's so much would be so much more fun to get together with friends for a culinary class that includes the nutritional basics and delicious sampling.  I created these Conscious Cuisine Classes for everyone who talks about eating healthier but, doesn't want to do it alone.  You can organize a group who want to have fun learning more about nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention.  I'll serve appetizers to inspire an interactive cooking class while we learn how to make delicious vegetarian, vegan, and raw dishes.  I am not opposed to animal protein as a part of your diet but, I would like to introduce students to plant based menus that will dazzle the taste buds for entertaining and every day.

Laughing with friends while eating great food is an inspirational way to learn about; pH Balancing, proper food combining and simple ways to get all of your daily recommended macro-nutrients from a plant based diet.

You can use these powerful nutritional principles with any food program you choose best for you*. 

Consider incorporating a "Conscious Cuisine" culinary class into a home, retreat, business or community environment.    

  • Scroll through the Integrative Health Links in this blog and check out the possibilities.
  • Check out my other links:

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  • Call me with questions concerning your culinary needs. 949.382.4424
  • or email me at
  • I'll answer all of your questions and we'll design a menu and lesson plan for your individual or group needs. Your guests participate in a hands-on culinary class while I share about key sources for optimal health including; *pH balancing, proper food combining, digestive health, our daily macro-nutrient needs (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) and how to fulfill them in a plant based diet.  We'll introduce integrative and alternative healing options while enjoying fabulous food together.
  • Once we determine your event date(s), number of guests, occasion or theme, location and budget we'll make the necessary plans and contracts and I'll arrive with the groceries & supplies, lesson plans & materials for a successful class(es).
* Valerie is not selling any diet or product.  These classes are designed to introduce you and your friends to the possibilities of vegetarian, vegan, and raw recipes while learning about simple nutritional evidence based facts.  Valerie is a Chef not prescribing treatment for illness or disease.  Be sure to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or personal health care regiment.*** 

Consider the possibilities!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

R &D for my next Culinary Class

Research and Development for Saturdays class is coming along great!
Spring Rolls filled with Organic Fruits and Vegetables are easy and fabulous!
Organic Salad Bar at your local Whole Foods making Raw Spring Rolls any time of year using seasonal fruits or vegetables. To make the process easy and fun I created my mis en place from the organic salad bar at Whole Foods.You can roll anything in the softened rice papers and create a variety of sauces to accompany your combinations. Today I used fresh berries, mint, sweetened quinoa (you can use rice or noodles or any favorite filler). I'll serve these with a pureed fruit sauce and slivered almonds. My savory spring roll is layered with the following organic veggies; green onions/sliced, radishes/sliced, carrot/grated, Zucchini/sliced, yellow squash/sliced, quinoa,spinach leaves and a pinch of finely chopped Basil mint and cilantro. I'll serve these with a sesame "soy" ginger sauce. The key to this recipe is the rice paper. Use Luke warm water and soak for about 60 seconds. Remove the paper from the water, drain and stretch flat. Layer each ingredient and fold like a burrito, as tightly as possible without tearing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plant Based Recipes for Entertaining & Every Day

Plant Based Recipes for Entertaining & Every Day Saturday Oct. 20th 10 -11am @ Whole Foods Laguna Niguel (Rock-it Bar) Please join us for a tasting - culinary class/brunch featuring seasonal plant based recipes for entertaining and every day. Bring a friend and make it a brunch date! You'll leave full and with great ideas for plant based entertaining. Please make a reservation by Friday Oct.19th(noon) with Lisa Rieden at and Valerie will prepare plenty of samples in advance of our class. See you Saturday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


A Work in Progress, there will be links to detoxification protocols just to give you an idea of whats possible.  Please don't start a detoxification program without the support and supervision of your health care provider, especially if you have had chemo. or radiation. 

Healing properties of Clay

Magnetic Clay

Living Clay Book

Real Raw Live Juice Cleanse

Nutritional Information

Nutritional links will take you to the source for optimal health and hopefully inspire a plant strong diet.  Organic and chemical free, local, seasonal food choices restore nutrients while strengthening communities in the process.  Imagine wholeness!

Food Matters Documentary

Forks over Knives Documentary

Bottled water documentary - Tapped

Unacceptable Ingredients for Food

Unacceptable Ingredients for Body Care Products

Organic, it's worth it!

California's Farmers Markets

South O.C. Farm

Fruits and Veggies, more matters...

Food Combining

pH Miracle Living

Acid-Alkaline Diet

Fungus 101 - it's link to cancer

Power of Sprouting

Nutrient Dense Organic Foods

Juice Therapy

Juice Cleanse Recipes

Real Raw Live - Organic Cleanse

The Raw Food World - Products

Raw Vegan Source

Raw Foods Bible

Edible Communities - local food

Karilian Photography captures the energy of raw broccoli vs cooked.

Zen of Gardening

The Zen of Gardening inspired this selection of links.  Read about growing for nutrition and health, finding your local farmers, planting your own home garden and gardens to visit to nourish your soul.

Herb Companion

Mother Earth News

Organic Gardening

Edible Community

Organic, it's worth it!

Organic Consumers

Garden Directory

Local Harvest - farmers

South Coast Farms - CSA

South Orange Counties Organic Farm grows much of their own produce (famous for heirloom tomatoes and strawberries that taste like candy).

Suzie's Organic Farm - San Diego, CA.

Italian Garden - San Clemente, CA.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Links to Health Gurus - Natural - Holistic - Homeopathic

Links to my favorite Health Guru's

Global Health Professionals advocating alternative therapies and holistic remedies for optimum health. Nutrition and detoxification are primary factors in the  reversal of chronic illness and many cancers.  

Amazon links, in the side columns, offer my favorite picks of documentaries, books and products supporting "alternative and integrative" health science.  Netflix is another great resource for holistic health documentaries.

Integrative Cancer Care 
Integrative Cancer Care addresses the totality of Body, Mind and Spirit including social and environmental health, for each individual.

The Gerson Therapy is a Vegan Diet and Juicing Protocol including daily detoxification and supplementation.  Here's an overview of the commitment to the therapy.  Many are healing from Cancer's and other chronic illnesses.

Dr Weil - Anti-inflammatory diet
Dr. Weil offers an optimum health plan, anti-inflammatory diet, and a healthy aging program.  He advocates a balanced life incorporating deep breathing, yoga, meditation, and laughter.

Gary Null - Heal Naturally
Gary Null, Ph. D. International Expert in Nutrition and Health Sciences advocates self healing naturally Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit.

Fungus 101 ~ Know the Cause
Author & TV Host, Doug Kauffman educates his audience to the dangers of fungus and yeast in the body as a mico-toxin through foods and our environment.  F.U.P.O. "Fungus Until Proven Otherwise" is the motto of the ~Know The Cause~ community. . Mico- toxins have a way mimicking cancer throughout the bloodstream.  Doug encourages an anti fungal - ant yeast diet and lifestyle choice while researching natural options for healing. 

The Hidden Cure - The 5 Laws of Perfect Health 
Laurens Maas is a registered Osteopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath also teaches how to reverse and eliminate the adverse effects of fungus in our blood system and environment.   His 5 powerful laws include: 1.) reducing sugar and carbohydrates, 2.) eating protein for your blood type (vegans will be challenged by this approach), 3.) eating good Omega fats according to your metabolism, 4.) increasing vegetables that influence your bodies biochemical speed, 5.) correcting your bodies electromagnetic frequencies.

David Wolfe ~ Raw Guru
The Rock Star of super foods, David is an expert in health, natural beauty, herbalism, nutrition, raw foods and chocolate!

Gabriel Cousens ~ Tree of Life 
Dr. Cousens hosts holistic vegan retreats and Culture of Life Health Institute at the rejuvenation center in Patagonia Arizona. 

Reversing Diabetes in 30 days 
Utilizing  a vegan and raw diet and exercise.

Bragg Live Foods Lifestyle
This site is a treasure of health information, remedies and some of the best products on the planet.  Paul C. Bragg was a health lecturer and educator who opened the first health food store in the United States.  The Bragg approach has a great deal to do with proper digestion, small vegan/ raw meals and a balanced pH.

Ornish Spectrum Program 
Offering programs in the prevention and reversal of heart disease.  The Spectrum Program includes diet, exploring how we respond to stress, our activity level and even our need for love and support.

The China Study - Science supporting a vegan diet

Forks over Knives
Dr. Oz
Healing Naturally by Bee
Healing Cancer Naturally
Dr. Hulda Clark - Eliminating toxins and parasites
Dr. Hulda Clark - The true cause of cancer
Women to Women - Health
Michael Pollan - Author
Growth in Progress
Wanted to post the info. during the remodel