Friday, March 15, 2013

"Conscious Cuisine" Culinary and Nutritional Classes

A photo of Valerie at a juice bar open house ~ Raw Samples!

Intuitively each of us is abandoning decades of weight loss diets, random cleanses and "natural" appetite suppressants. We're slowing down, spending more time in the kitchen and shopping the farmers market more often. It's exciting to hear about so many people making the shift to a primarily plant based diet while embracing beneficial nutrition and detoxification in their daily choices.  As we age we are shifting our focus to the wisdom of living in optimal health while seeking holistic alternatives to restore health in a process of self healing.

You want to eat healthier but there's so much would be so much more fun to get together with friends for a culinary class that includes the nutritional basics and delicious sampling.  I created these Conscious Cuisine Classes for everyone who talks about eating healthier but, doesn't want to do it alone.  You can organize a group who want to have fun learning more about nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention.  I'll serve appetizers to inspire an interactive cooking class while we learn how to make delicious vegetarian, vegan, and raw dishes.  I am not opposed to animal protein as a part of your diet but, I would like to introduce students to plant based menus that will dazzle the taste buds for entertaining and every day.

Laughing with friends while eating great food is an inspirational way to learn about; pH Balancing, proper food combining and simple ways to get all of your daily recommended macro-nutrients from a plant based diet.

You can use these powerful nutritional principles with any food program you choose best for you*. 

Consider incorporating a "Conscious Cuisine" culinary class into a home, retreat, business or community environment.    

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  • Call me with questions concerning your culinary needs. 949.382.4424
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  • I'll answer all of your questions and we'll design a menu and lesson plan for your individual or group needs. Your guests participate in a hands-on culinary class while I share about key sources for optimal health including; *pH balancing, proper food combining, digestive health, our daily macro-nutrient needs (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) and how to fulfill them in a plant based diet.  We'll introduce integrative and alternative healing options while enjoying fabulous food together.
  • Once we determine your event date(s), number of guests, occasion or theme, location and budget we'll make the necessary plans and contracts and I'll arrive with the groceries & supplies, lesson plans & materials for a successful class(es).
* Valerie is not selling any diet or product.  These classes are designed to introduce you and your friends to the possibilities of vegetarian, vegan, and raw recipes while learning about simple nutritional evidence based facts.  Valerie is a Chef not prescribing treatment for illness or disease.  Be sure to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or personal health care regiment.*** 

Consider the possibilities!

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