Thursday, October 18, 2012

R &D for my next Culinary Class

Research and Development for Saturdays class is coming along great!
Spring Rolls filled with Organic Fruits and Vegetables are easy and fabulous!
Organic Salad Bar at your local Whole Foods making Raw Spring Rolls any time of year using seasonal fruits or vegetables. To make the process easy and fun I created my mis en place from the organic salad bar at Whole Foods.You can roll anything in the softened rice papers and create a variety of sauces to accompany your combinations. Today I used fresh berries, mint, sweetened quinoa (you can use rice or noodles or any favorite filler). I'll serve these with a pureed fruit sauce and slivered almonds. My savory spring roll is layered with the following organic veggies; green onions/sliced, radishes/sliced, carrot/grated, Zucchini/sliced, yellow squash/sliced, quinoa,spinach leaves and a pinch of finely chopped Basil mint and cilantro. I'll serve these with a sesame "soy" ginger sauce. The key to this recipe is the rice paper. Use Luke warm water and soak for about 60 seconds. Remove the paper from the water, drain and stretch flat. Layer each ingredient and fold like a burrito, as tightly as possible without tearing.

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