Friday, March 16, 2012

Links to Health Gurus - Natural - Holistic - Homeopathic

Links to my favorite Health Guru's

Global Health Professionals advocating alternative therapies and holistic remedies for optimum health. Nutrition and detoxification are primary factors in the  reversal of chronic illness and many cancers.  

Amazon links, in the side columns, offer my favorite picks of documentaries, books and products supporting "alternative and integrative" health science.  Netflix is another great resource for holistic health documentaries.

Integrative Cancer Care 
Integrative Cancer Care addresses the totality of Body, Mind and Spirit including social and environmental health, for each individual.

The Gerson Therapy is a Vegan Diet and Juicing Protocol including daily detoxification and supplementation.  Here's an overview of the commitment to the therapy.  Many are healing from Cancer's and other chronic illnesses.

Dr Weil - Anti-inflammatory diet
Dr. Weil offers an optimum health plan, anti-inflammatory diet, and a healthy aging program.  He advocates a balanced life incorporating deep breathing, yoga, meditation, and laughter.

Gary Null - Heal Naturally
Gary Null, Ph. D. International Expert in Nutrition and Health Sciences advocates self healing naturally Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit.

Fungus 101 ~ Know the Cause
Author & TV Host, Doug Kauffman educates his audience to the dangers of fungus and yeast in the body as a mico-toxin through foods and our environment.  F.U.P.O. "Fungus Until Proven Otherwise" is the motto of the ~Know The Cause~ community. . Mico- toxins have a way mimicking cancer throughout the bloodstream.  Doug encourages an anti fungal - ant yeast diet and lifestyle choice while researching natural options for healing. 

The Hidden Cure - The 5 Laws of Perfect Health 
Laurens Maas is a registered Osteopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath also teaches how to reverse and eliminate the adverse effects of fungus in our blood system and environment.   His 5 powerful laws include: 1.) reducing sugar and carbohydrates, 2.) eating protein for your blood type (vegans will be challenged by this approach), 3.) eating good Omega fats according to your metabolism, 4.) increasing vegetables that influence your bodies biochemical speed, 5.) correcting your bodies electromagnetic frequencies.

David Wolfe ~ Raw Guru
The Rock Star of super foods, David is an expert in health, natural beauty, herbalism, nutrition, raw foods and chocolate!

Gabriel Cousens ~ Tree of Life 
Dr. Cousens hosts holistic vegan retreats and Culture of Life Health Institute at the rejuvenation center in Patagonia Arizona. 

Reversing Diabetes in 30 days 
Utilizing  a vegan and raw diet and exercise.

Bragg Live Foods Lifestyle
This site is a treasure of health information, remedies and some of the best products on the planet.  Paul C. Bragg was a health lecturer and educator who opened the first health food store in the United States.  The Bragg approach has a great deal to do with proper digestion, small vegan/ raw meals and a balanced pH.

Ornish Spectrum Program 
Offering programs in the prevention and reversal of heart disease.  The Spectrum Program includes diet, exploring how we respond to stress, our activity level and even our need for love and support.

The China Study - Science supporting a vegan diet

Forks over Knives
Dr. Oz
Healing Naturally by Bee
Healing Cancer Naturally
Dr. Hulda Clark - Eliminating toxins and parasites
Dr. Hulda Clark - The true cause of cancer
Women to Women - Health
Michael Pollan - Author
Growth in Progress
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