Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 Bites of Heaven ~ Tartlettes

Once I brought out the Phyllo Dough the organic ingredients inspired little bite sized tarts savory and sweet, crispy, hot, vegan hand held "pies". This Autumn evening event
accented by the flavors of the season...mushrooms, cranberry, butternut squash and sage, green apples and cinnamon in hot vegan tartlettes that transport me to my childhood.

Hot Apple Lemon Tarts that you hold in your hand, 2 Bites of Heaven

Green Apple, raisin, lemon & cinnamon or Brandy soaked peaches, wild blueberries, orange zest and mint. These are so easy to mix, fold and bake. Use organic produce and with a few 2.5" inch squares of Phyllo Dough (brush or spray with a lite veggie oil) and you have a healthy quick meal.

Vegan meals require creative ingredients and a full spectrum of flavors using herbs and spices.
These savory tartlettes are built in 3 layers ~ zucchini slice, roasted butternut squash/veggie hummus, topped with heirloom tomato & corn salsa...spicy and really flavorful, great with the light and crispy shell.

Fennel, carrot, zucchini, onion tarlettes with salt and pepper. My favorite of all, very simple flavors with the crispness of the Phyllo shell tastes like a fond memory.

Phyllo, spun by the God's..
Makes a perfect presentation, freezes and reheats with great results. It is a gluten flour but minimal for each tart. These transport well frozen, separated by sheets of parchment paper.
Get creative with savory ingredients like lentils, mushrooms, squash, wild rice, etc.
Sweet "pies" of the season slice fruit paper thin add a citrus zest, your favorite natural sweetener, spices and enjoy with a cup of tea.

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  1. these recipes are truly amazing...i know first hand....sampled the fare at several parties and get-togethers