Sunday, June 6, 2010

Raw California Rolls

Get your Mis en place together (everything you need, cut produce, tools, etc.) ready to build your recipe. The Nori sheet is on 2 pieces of parchment paper (I couldn't find the bamboo roller)

Twice I loaded this photo and both times it flipped sideways in the process so I'll leave it

I spread the jicama in a thin layer over the Nori and started layering veggies

Jicama (rice) cucumber, carrot, avocado, shitate, radish, sprouts, and notice the line of wasabi at the top of the Nori sheet

The secret is to roll tightly from the start using your "roller" (bamboo is preferred)

Slice these very carefully, they don't hold together like starchy rice. It's easier to spoon the soy sauce over each slice as your eating it instead of dipping since you loose most of it in the sauce.

Recipe to follow! As soon as I get out of the kitchen...

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