Monday, June 7, 2010

Organic Tree is Alive and Growing!

Organic Tree is thriving beyond the Shala doors. You are welcome through Pacific Ashtanga retail space or at our entrance around the other side of the building. We started serving juices and samples of potential menu items to the Pacific Ashtanga Community on Saturday May 29. Monday June 7 we introduced our fixed menu offering both a Fresh Fruit Salad and a Quinoa & Avocado Garden Salad with an orange flax oil dressing.

Brian and Diana had a vision to offer the Pacific Ashtanga Community organic local juices and fresh raw/vegan cuisine available after practice throughout the week. A fixed menu of 2 or 3 daily raw/vegan entrees and a short list of juices will be available to enjoy at Organic Tree or to take-out in biodegradable containers. Soon we intend to offer more entree selections on our take-out menu and we'd like to offer Organic Catering in the future.

I,Valerie Adair recently joined in the vision to operate the cafe, create menus & recreate your menu requests, I'll be offering health & culinary workshops, and keep the food comin! I have served as a Private Chef and Caterer for 30 years, as a licenced Gerson Therapy Care Giver I am passionate about food as medicine, self healing, and just healthy, beautiful, clean, food. I advocate conscious food choices and incorporating as much raw organic food into your diet, as possible to create artistic flavorful dishes.

We are creating a beautiful space beyond the Shala doors here at Organic Tree. Come relax taste live raw nutrients at their peak, fresh from South Coast Farms.
We are growing every day!
The doors to ORGANIC TREE are open and organic locally grown juices are flowing.
Check out what we have served so far...

JUICE MENU 12 oz for $5-
We offer 3 colorful combinations to choose from; Variations are available.
Emerald ~ Apple, celery, kale, parsley, ginger
Sunrise ~ Carrot, celery, ginger
Fresh Citrus ~ pick of the day

SERVING YOU ~ fresh juices and raw/tasty menu items are waiting for you after practice

Monday ~ 8:30 -11 AM
Wednesday ~ 8:30 AM - 11 AM
Saturday ~ 8:30 AM to Noon
Sunday ~ 10 - 11 AM
Closed new and full moons
Evening hours will be available in the future

Organic Tree will open to the public after Pacific Ashtanga's Anniversary Party Saturday July 10th. Our hours of operation will expand as we grow. Please come through the doors and visit us, introduce yourself and see what is on the menu.

We need your support and patronage as we take root in this new venture to nourish and teach raw/vegan/vegetarian nutrition to our Pacific Ashtanga and surrounding community.

Check out the dishes we have served over the past two weeks
Saturday May 29 ~ The doors are open and the juice is flowing at Organic Tree. Sweet Potato Pie was served in 4 ounce cups and it had rave reviews. "Raw sweet potatoes? I love it"!
Sunday May 30 ~ We served samples of these Fruit Spring Rolls accompanied by a cashew - coconut cream and strawberry puree, coconut flakes and crushed raw almonds. Bliss, for sure! This can be served as a brunch or dessert dish.

Monday May 31 ~ Memorial Day! (No Picture) South of the Boarder Quinoa Salad was over the top! Fresh corn off the cob, tomato, onion, cilantro, chipotle and cumin in a lime/flax dressing was refreshing

Wednesday June 2 ~ We served samples of Raw & Wild Mini Portabellas with garden wild rice, chive-fennel slaw and a lemon/flax herb dressing - So fabulous that someone ordered an entree to take home!
Saturday & Sunday June 5, 6 ~ We served samples of ~ Raw California Roll with Bragg's & Wasabi

Rollin our own ~ Raw California Rolls at Organic Tree

What a Beautiful Dish and very flavorful, California/Shitake Roll with Braggs's Amino & Wasabi . Everyone loved the flavors, texture and the raw jicama in place of white sticky rice. "Excellent....I'd definitely order this"!

Saturday & Sunday ~ We served samples of a variation of this as a terrine with a crown of guacamole', cilantro pesto and an orange curry dressing.

Organic Tree celebrates our first day serving a fixed menu ~ to nourish you!

Monday June 7 ~ Red Quinoa Garden Salad & Avocado, oranges & raw pumpkin seeds. I again served this with the cilantro pesto and orange/flax dressing and it was delightful.

Beautiful live food dressed in an orange curry vinaigrette

Wednesday June 9 ~ Beet "Ravioli" entree and the Red Quinoa Garden ~ Avocado Salad are on the menu today. Please come by after practice and order your favorite juice, check out our health library and introduce yourself to Valerie.
The posts below are repeats of the Organic Tree's menu here with added recipes.

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