Thursday, May 20, 2010

Raw Thai Garden Spring Rolls and Confetti "Rice"

Raw Thai Garden Spring Roll & Confetti coconut, pineapple "Rice"

Hostess for ladies who lunch - welcome girls!

Dessert is served with Lunch! Bon Appetite

Garden Spring Roll with Confetti "Rice" crowned in coconut
on a bead of cabbage, mint, basil slaw - I love this photo!
Throwing together a little something sweet for the ladies

Raw Spring Rolls & Almond Butter dipping Sauce - To-Go
Summer picnic lunches for a concert or to take to the beach.
Raw Thai Garden Spring Rolls & Confetti "Rice"

Garden Spring Rolls - edible flowers chopped, grated carrot/ginger/chive, shitake mushrooms sliced, cucumber matchsticks, sprouts, cabbage slaw/mint/thai basil/cilantro layered over a rice paper wrapper and rolled like a burrito. Store covered during the rolling process so the rolls don't dry out.

Almond Dipping Sauce - Raw almond butter, rice wine vinegar, lime - zest & juice, ginger - grated, agave, soy, flax oil mixed in the blender or food processor using water to smooth.

Confetti "Rice" - Cauliflower, red/yellow bell pepper, onion, parsley, tomato, ginger-grated, pineapple, coconut-lime juice, each ingredient chopped separately in the food processor using the "S" blade then mix together in a large bowl. Serve from a mold on a bed of shaved savoy cabbage and red bok choy, accent with tomato pieces, raw nuts, edible flowers, fresh herbs .

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