Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beet or Coconut Ravioli with a zesty Almond Lime Puree - Slice Ravioli from any fruit or vegetable

Beet"Ravioli" with a zesty Almond Lime Puree
and Thai Basil garnish
Wow, Rrarr!

Beet "Ravioli" with a zesty almond lime puree
and Thai basil garnish
I just want to keep looking at it ;o)

I am sampling this zesty entree as I load these photos. I must say it is an impressive plate and the flavors are refreshing. You could use any fillings for these and create any cream or puree to accompany the "Ravioli" and any herb to accent the dish . I created a Thai Beet "Ravioli" tonight using steamed beets, Confetti "Rice" and an almond/lime puree. This is a versatile menu item that can be served for a dinner party at home or packed for a dinner under the stars. I am returning to the kitchen for seconds!

"Ravioli"- Using steamed beets here, but raw are wonderful also. Cut the multi-varietal beets into a cube and slice paper-thin, even slices. Please feel free to use any fruit or vegetable that is suitable for your dish. Perhaps Star Fruit Ravioli filled with Mango Puree finished with a Raspberry/ Coconut Cream and a confetti of Pistachios.
Filling - I used Confetti "Rice" - pineapple, coconut Thai leftovers tonight - Cauliflower, tomato, onion, yellow/orange bell pepper, Italian parsley, pineapple, coconut meat, chili oil, flax oil, lime zest & juice. Chop each ingredient separately in the food processor then mix in a bowl with oils and seasonings.
You can create a variety of international options for this dish. Try making cherry and sun dried tomato/herb tapenade filling and a puree of cashew "cream" and a basil pesto. Crown these Italian Jewels with sun dried mushroom marinade and confetti the dish in pine nuts and minced herbs. Voila! an edible flower and a sprig of herbs from the garden, and serve!
Consider Coconut Meat "Ravioli" shaved or sliced thinly, prepare a filling of sun dried Shitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic, chive, cilantro, flax oil (be creative and use any herb you wish). Finish with a Cashew "Cream" and a Fig Puree and chive as a garnish. I must find local fresh coconut.
Puree' - Utilizing all of the leftovers from my Spring Rollin Extravaganza (my fingers are stuck in a rolling position). The Spring Roll dipping sauce with a little water in the magic bullet did the trick to parle' this Thai flavor into another artistic option. Purees can be any veggie in the bullet with water, vinegar, lemon, or coconut milk, etc. Experiment with flavors and textures.
Creams - Creams are created out of soaked raw nuts, water or coconut water/milk, perhaps vinegar, agave, spices in the bullet. You can make a tomato cream, or an avocado cream in a flash with or without nuts and there is a Potatonaise that can be served in any consistency from veggie dip to cream made primarily of boiled potatoes (cooled), flax oil, lemon juice, herbs in the food processor until smooth adding water or veggie broth to achieve desired consistency.

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