Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fundamental Cause of Disease

Raw can be beautiful

Heirloom Tomatoes and a Garden Vegetable Platter

The common fundamental cause of disease is internal mucus, generated by the tissues and organs in response to any type of injury or infection through trauma or the eating of biologically unnatural foods and even overeating. Fungus in the diet can also be a factor in internal inflammation. A clean diet and detoxing are a sure way to clear the body of toxins to begin the healing process.

A "mucus-less" diet starts the transition from infection to healing inflammation beginning by the removal of artificial foods and processed foods (with chemicals, pesticides & additives) along with saturated fats, milled grains, dairy, animal protein and even cooked foods.

If you need to heal then you might consider eating more raw foods for awhile. The cooking process (heat over 118 degrees) kills nutrients and the digestive enzymes in foods causing the body to react to the food as a "foreign body" creating white blood cells in the intestine to fight the "foreign invader" in a system called lucosycosis. Stop this lucosycosis or "Tissue Damage Syndrome" by eating 50% or more of your diet in the raw. Take in complete nutrients with a primarily raw organic diet including juicing and a detoxification program for the major organs.

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