Monday, May 17, 2010

Pesticides for Produce linked to ADHD

Hearing the morning news in the background I soon started to focus on the interviewer talking about Organophosphate Pesticides, a neurotoxin to insects, that has recently been linked to cases of ADHD in children and adults. High amounts of these Organophosphate Pesticides are found in frozen blueberries and in a variety of fresh berries and berry products, as well as other fruits and vegetables. Crops treated with these chemicals are saturated from the soil, root, leaf to the fruit. You can't wash off pesticides because the plant has been growing for generations in soil saturated with toxic chemicals.

Buying frozen and pre-cut produce you can expect farming pesticides, as well as packaging preservatives. Pre-cut fruits and veggies are treated with some sort of preservative to give it a shelf life. The majority of grocery stores offer over 50% of GMO produce and international produce with unknown chemical exposure. With this in mind as you walk through the grocery store, don't you want to shop outside from one farmer to the next?

Be encouraged to support your local farmers by shopping at your local farmers markets or join a farm co-op. Seek out organic and pesticide free grown foods. You can order a basket with a variety of produce from your local organic farm, weekly or bi-monthly. Avoid imported produce from countries with few limitations on pesticides. EAT LOCAL! Don't panic, the cure's organic!

Once you eliminate these toxins from your diet, eat chemical free and non-processed foods, your body will begin to expel the chemicals after 3 to 5 days. Nourishing & detoxing together, heal.

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