Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Birthday Buffet - everything else was healthy

My Birthday Cake in the Artist's Fridge (only the love, makes this a healthy recipe) blueberry cream and chocolate cake. Sometimes the only healing properties of a dish is the love added to the mix and the comfort you bath in while imbibing. This is not a recipe dedicated "Self Healing Cuisine" but it was my birthday and I didn't care about healthy that day. I was surrounded by love and that was worth a big dose of healing for the day.

On a walk, later that night

Silk and Flowers and a Beautiful Healthy Menu

I threw this posting in because I wanted to show these pictures of our beautiful buffet with healthy cuisine (Quinoa Garden Salad, Hummus, Yogurt dips, Raw Veggie Platter). The cake above was my request to Robbie who makes specialty cakes for every occasion. This was soo amazingly beautiful, we all stood around and took pictures like poporazzi.

We serve a variety of healthy dips to accompany raw veggies along with a variety of Teas, Wines and fresh juices.

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