Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fruits and Raw Nuts - on the go

On deck for sunrise
On a Serious Note about Fruit...

Candy Sweet Strawberries - Apricots - Dates - Raw Cashews and Almonds - Chocolate
Here is another version of the same

Like my Greek friends I serve Fruit and nuts with almost every meal. Seasonal, local, pesticide free and ready to eat with raw almonds or cashews and dark chocolate snuck in for extra flavor. Serve raw fruit in small portions watching your food combining. Pack fresh fruit for any outing to the beach, for a sail or a hike. Pack everything separately so you can pull it out and create a produce bar stretched out on a blanket or stacked on rocks along the trail or pack a gourmet picnic on your bikes. As the designated traveling Chef remember the Eco-friendly details like toothpicks instead of plastic forks, cloth napkins in place of paper and washable serving spoons. Plan a "camp kitchen" from service to clean-up and make meals on the go, a snap!

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