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Self Healing Therapies

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My inspiration for researching alternative therapies was ignited from my experience as a caregiver.  Most of my family and many dear friends have died from cancer and it's conventional treatments.  I experienced over and over a helpless and hopeless system of treatments that were based in a saturation of pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, as the only coarse of action.  Every time I was faced with a loved one's "battle" with cancer, I intuitively knew that they would eventually loose with the limited resources they had been given by their doctor.  Nutrition and naturopathic remedies were never offered as part of the healing process.  Intuitively everything felt wrong to me but I was taught to respect doctors with degrees from major universities.

Once I understood that the health care system in America was financed by the pharmaceutical companies and that medical doctors in the U.S. are required a minimal amount of credits in nutrition, I realized my intuition was based in truth.  I witnessed how every patient took their doctors diagnosis and treatment advise as the "word of God".  No questions were asked and few would look for a second opinion.

It seems my Maverick spirit was a gift after all.  When my sister was diagnosed with cancer I was determined to find as many alternative treatments as possible.  My search was the beginning of a new new direction for me and my hope is that it will inspire you in a new direction to your self healing.

These links are just a few of the possibilities that are available to you as self healing therapies.  Use your intuition and communicate with your doctor before you make any changes in treatment.  My intention is to introduce the possibilities and encourage you to take responsibility for your own self healing!  Remember that this new health challenge will lead you to your best and highest good.  The path to self healing includes body, mind, and spirit.  Look at it as a great adventure and be encouraged to grow and heal with love.

The Hidden Cure Video
Know the Cause
Illuminating toxins that cause symptoms that are being misdiagnosed are a great start on the self healing path.  Fungus and yeast are toxins that dominate our western diets.  Check these the proof before you move ahead.

Food Matters Documentary
This inspirational documentary will introduce you to the motivation of our health care system in America and the alternative therapies you've never heard of.

Alternative Medicine
Just a few options for you to consider.

Healing Cancer from the Inside Out - Video
A documentary about what drives the American health care system and hopeful alternative therapies that have proven results.
Alternative Cancer Therapies  
Just a few possibilities to inspire you to find the best ones for you.
Dr. Sircus 
Dr. Simoncini
Patients are healing through the use of baking soda therapy.  It has to do with a rise in blood pH which can not support the growth of cancer cells.
Best Natural Cancer Cures
More inspirational information.
Dean Ornish - reversing heart disease
Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
The China Study
The Gerson Therapy
These plant based diet therapies are proven to cure a variety of diseases including many cancers. 
Gluten and Casein Free Diet
Many people have an intolerance to these proteins that effect them as minor allergies to chronic debilitating symptoms.
Hidden Cancer Cures
More to consider.
Homeopathy On - line
Homeopathy defined

Life Positive - Cancer Cures

Natural Therapies  
Tree of Life - Gabriel Cousens
A Vegan Therapy and lifestyle that is healing diabetes, heart disease and many cancers.
Spirituality and Health Magazine
The path to self healing includes body, mind and spirit.
Wheatgrass Cures
This information is intended to empower your search on your path to self healing.  I am not attempting to prescribe a therapy to the reader but to merely introduce options you may not have been given by your health care provider.  Enjoy the journey!

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