Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book of the Month Dr. Weil, M.D.

Just after Christmas I pulled this back off the shelf to start with some real basics for the New Year.  The transition to a plant based diet/lifestyle started with everyday improvements that lead me to make healthier decisions more often.  I can tell I need a brush up after the holidays, a winter affair with chocolate which inspired holiday dessert "research and development" resulting in a tightening of my now size 7 jeans and a noticeable "muffin top".

Yet, thanks to Guru Dr. Weil I'm off to some healthy morning reading and I'll blog a few basics for you starting with these helpful reminders. Just focus on these points for a week before you launch into anything over the top for the new year.

CLEAN OUT THE PANTRY AND CONDIMENT COLLECTION - get rid of the junk that calls to you in weakness along with rancid oils, processed foods with too many ingredients, margarine, empty carbs, etc. You know the stuff that has not nutritional value, think of it as a toxin, not a treat.

CHANGE OUR THINKING - Diets fail so think in terms of long range health strategies and lifestyle change. Only motivation and determination will keep us going, so practice both until you start feelin it. The key is to get back into your healthy lifestyle immediately after a set back. The first day I chose to be Vegan, I starting calling myself one, on the days I ate fish I was a vegan eating get the idea. You practice till you are! When I eat "wrong" for a few days, I don't feel like I failed and give up...I can't because I identify more with being a healthy vegan, so I clean out and move on. Listing to motivational tapes while falling to sleep can give us a motivational jump start as the unconscious mind accepts suggestion. Cut back on negative media, the vortex of unconstructive Internet and any other energy zappers. Instead soak up creativity, any media will do.

BREATH CYCLE - Take time to Breath as often as possible. This five minute exercise is perfect for morning, times of stress, rest and relaxation to center us and slow us down. Sit in a loose lotus position or in a comfortable chair, with back straight, loose clothing and focus your attention on breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth. Focus on the inhalation and it's changing to the exhalation in a cycle of breath. Stay focused with all of your attention, in the moment and through the cycle of your natural breathing.

CUT BACK ON COFFEE AND ALCOHOL AND INCREASE WATER - Green, White or Orrlong Teas are full of antioxidants. Both coffee and alcohol are toxins to the stomach and liver when consumed habitually. Filtered water flushes toxins and rehydrates the cells, remember the key is Nutrition In - Toxins Out!

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET - Cutting out toxins/chemicals/pesticides/food coloring/fake sugar/white flour, meat and poultry and adding Omega 3 oil (flax,salmon,perslane,etc.), ginger and tumeric, 1000 to 2000 mg Vitamin C 2 to 3 times daily (also a non-acidic in a powdered form). Eat more organic, local and in season vegetables and fruits and increase your raw produce consumption, I suggest to 50% or more for the best results.

***I recommend tracking your pH to make sure you are balanced throughout the day. Balancing your pH will greatly increase health and natural energy and alertness. Please check out the pH links as you scroll the left column. Also Probiotics are necessary to have balanced in the intestinal tract so check out the Digestive Tract Expert Link and add probiotics to your diet as soon as possible.

FRESH FLOWERS - Dr. Weil also recommends having fresh cut flowers or flowering plants in your home and office for obvious reasons. Look around at the space you spend most of your time in and clear it out, clean it, and change the energy, make it your creative space and when it feels right get out a beautiful vase and fill it with fresh flowers or a beautiful flowering plant.

When one is going to lead an entirely new life, one requires regular and wholesome meals. Oscar Wilde


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