Monday, October 4, 2010

Art Gallery

~ Image and Threads Flags ~

~ Message in a Bottle ~

inspired from my travels

Bottles, shells, pearls, sea glass

crystals, beads and trinkets

give with a hand written message or with blank scrolls

beautiful gifts or send from a ship

~Image & Threads ~

The inspirational "prayer flag" carries prayers ~ blessings and intentions on the winds and delivers them to the four corners of the earth. Every culture and religion tells of this spiritual delivery through the vehicle of fabric, faith and intentional energy. My collection of photographic images, "threads" ~ textiles that I've collected, crystals, beads, ribbon and found objects, printed words all strung together in vibrant color and powerful images to fly inside and out.

Mariska Hargitay

Garden walks

flower close-ups

embellished find from Little India with water spicket

Deep Blue in
silk, beads, shells and map

flags embellished with tassels, beads and layers of image, fabrics and papers

story telling through "Image and Threads"

Live Food ~ Kirilian Photography, textiles, crystals and metallic threads

Kirilian photography captures the energy that radiates from live foods
Layers of flags, stories, maps

Silk thread, beads and culinary photos

Garden, Organic, Raw


Cabbage from the neighborhood pea patch

Chia Pudding as art ~ Live food banner!

Layers of story telling in found objects and collectibles

Fly ~ metallic paints, shells, found objects

Cross ~ driftwood, pearls, silk, metallic threads, glass beads

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