Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuscan Baskets with Lemon Chiffon & Toasted Nut/Herb Blend

Tuscan Baskets filled with toasted nut and herb pate', garbanzo humus, yellow bell pepper, tomato-basil-garlic with organic EVOO, all woven into this raw zucchini basket, and tied with a chive ribbon and a basil bow

I served these beauties with two accompanying flavors; A Lemon Chiffon Glaze and Toasted Nuts (pistachios & pine nuts) with fresh minced herbs - taste a walk through a Tuscan garden!

Spectacular Culinary Art and so very flavorful, fresh & crunchy

These are very labor intensive, a meditation time for sure. Set up your "mis en place", turn on some World music and get into an artistic groove. I built 20 of these in 2 hours from chopping to plated and ready to serve. Worth the time if you appreciate Slow Food.


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