Friday, August 13, 2010

Royal Rooftop Luncheon

Combine a stack of carrots, bean sprouts and sunflower sprouts of a bed of jicama "rice", mince celantro, Thai basil and mint and sprinkle over your veggie stack. Set dollops of raw Almond Thai Dipping Sauce around the plate and dress with a zesty citrus dressing, finish with raw soaked cashews that are chopped and added for texture...minced jalepeno, sliced oranges.

Celebrating live this image of Chia/Mango pudding with "Ying" in cashew dust

This shot inspires speaking in tounges.
The day was glorious in a flash in color and craftsmenship. Spices, tea, Sitar and sirens...

I sat in the rooftop garden sewing under my umbrella and then a luncheon, devine!

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