Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raw Sweet Potato Pie or Terrine

Sweet Potato Pie felt like the perfect flavor of the day for the launch of Organic Tree Juice & Raw Food Cafe. The first recipe I tried after surfing through raw food sites was Divine so I'm going to give you the link and you can check out other recipes there. They offer reviews from other foodies so, you get an idea before you buy the ingredients. I served little 4 ounce terrines of this with a spoon and everyone went nuts over it. I sold almost all of them by noon and the next morning a fan came back and bought the last two!

I added Fuji apple and carrot to this recipe and cut way back on the nuts. I always modify recipes and I always cut back on nuts... soaked raw almonds are always preferred and offer a sweeter flavor and less oil. Please experiment and make clean food an adventure, fun modifying all along the way.

In cooking and baking there is less room for change because of the effects of each ingredient in the process. With raw food recipes you can really change complimentary flavors and colors around and have more fun. Timing with service of raw food is much looser and clean-up is a dream after a career including professional kitchen K.P. Everything is so easy to clean without cooked on dairy, meat and flour. I feel liberated and much cleaner in life, body and soul...I love raw!

Do enjoy! Eat this in small servings as it's high in carb.s and frutose.

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