Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fruit Spring Rolls - sampling at the bar

Fruit Spring Rolls with a cashew -coconut "cream" and strawberry puree'
crushed raw almonds, shaved 70% chocolate, and coconut

This was a sample that was truly a hit with everyone who tried it. I love the simplicity of the Thai Spring Roll because it's all about what you fill it with, and the sauce..."the secrets in the sauce" after all. This can be served as a brunch item, dessert, or a savory entree, even an appetizer. Get creative with ingredients and sauces, dips, purees, etc.
Fruit Spring Roll Ingredients - please modify to suit the season and your taste
Rice Wrappers - Bowl of cool water for soaking each wrapper, and towel
4 sprigs mint leaves - minced
strawberries - sliced
blackberries - sliced
pineapple - thin slices
mango - thin slices
cucumber -sticks
date puree' - 5 dates, 1/4 cup water in blender
Put it all together - Get your Mise En Place together (French Culinary term meaning everything in place, your plan, all of your ingredients, tools, etc.)
- Bowl of water ready to soak wrappers - each about 1 full minute until transparent and jello like
- cut all fruit and arrange in an assembly line on a plate
- prepare sauces and purees ahead of time and store in the fridge
Soak your first wrapper and use your hands to pull it out of the water and lay it completely flat on a clean cutting board, layer your fruit in the center and drizzle with three Tblsp. of date puree, fold over sides and roll burrito style carefully onto a plate lined with plastic wrap or Ti leaves. Cover with plastic wrap or Ti leaves as you continue to roll the rest of your Spring Rolls, keeping them covered and damp by rubbing them with water with your hands. When you are ready to serve, apply sauces and purees to the plate and carefully display the Fruit Spring Roll and garnish with edible flowers and fruit or herbs.
Cashew - Coconut Cream = 1 cup raw cashews soaked 2 hours - retain excess water
1 cup lite coconut milk
blend together
Strawberry Puree' - 1 cup fresh strawberries in blender with water to achieve desired consistency
Top with crucshed raw almonds, shaved chocolate and coconut. Enjoy for bruch or dessert!

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