Thursday, May 6, 2010


The choice is to surrender a menu of comforts like cheese, butter, milk, and meat for live, clean, oxygen rich foods charged full of energy and nutrition. Through juicing, raw and slow cooked recipes you will heal the body through complete nutrition and detoxification.

Gather your full intentions for this new journey and remember that you are making a choice to evolve your health, and knowledge about self-healing. This is an adventure, an evolution to a new dimension in living at a cellular level. This is not a diet but a liberation to a complete nutrient and oxygen rich lifestyle. You will love it after awhile, after you have kicked the addiction to sugar, butter, and salt. Your taste buds will change after several weeks and you will become more sensitive to everything you are eating. You'll notice how different foods effect your energy level and once you start detoxifying the blood stream you will feel radiant and focused in a few days.
Be prepared to get creative with your clean conscious cuisine and make it beautiful every time! "The secret's in the sauce" as my dear friend used to say so, create a tasty sauce with a flax oil and citrus juice base then get creative with fresh flavors to make raw... adventerous.
Surrender all that you think you know about food, surrender processed foods and produce from mystery farms from far away and seek out a cleaner diet that will transform your daily life and breath. Give up processed foods and all things packaged for the organic fresh local produce and healthful pantry ingredients to create live vibrant menus full of energy and healthy digestive enzymes.

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