Sunday, May 9, 2010

Challenging Diagnosis?

Don't Panic, the Cure's Organic ! ! Keep it simple and remember that the common fundamental cause of disease is internal mucus, generated by the tissues and organs in response to any type of injury (infection, trauma) and the eating of biologically unnatural foods and even over-eating.
Cooked foods become a foreign matter in the intestine because the digestive enzymes are killed in the cooking process. This "foreign matter" causes white blood cells to increase to fight the foreign body creating a system called Lucosycosis. Start eating over 50% raw foods and stop Lucosycosis from creating mucus in the intestine. Seek out a mucus-less diet removing all artificial ingredients, processed foods, rich, fatty foods, milled grains, dairy, meat, fish, and over cooked foods. Check the anti-fungal diet on and get the majority of your nutrients in juices and primarily raw menus.
Avoid fats which stimulate tumor growth and sugar which feeds cancer cells. Flax oil is the only beneficial fat which draws oxygen to the cell like a magnet.

Dis-eased cells thrive on sugar, salt, fat and cells that lack oxygen. Salt surrounds the diseased and cancerous cell in a ring that blocks the potassium from nourishing the cells. Sodium causes cancer cells to divide and produce tumors. Sodium is an enzyme inhibitor that blocks cells from reacting with oxygen and creating a fermenting process. Sugar and Fat just feed cancer cells. The goal is to eat live, organic, raw menus with excess doses of oxygen through live food, breath, niacin, vitamin C, potassium with thyroid stimulation and iodine. You want to shift the Lucophycosis or Tissue Damage Syndrome to a Healing Inflammation which is a detoxing response releasing toxins into the blood stream and out of the system.

So start by clearing out all of the processed foods from your pantry, meats, cheeses, and sugary treats. Go shopping at the local farmers market buying as much organic produce as possible and organize your fridge and a list of juices, salads, and dressings you can mix for the next few days. Buy lemons to add to your water and drink peppermint and chamomile teas to settle the stomach. After the farmers market walk over to a health store and find pH urine strips and get in the habit of testing your urine three to four times a day. You want to balance your pH within a few days reading the directions for the use of the strips.

Your next challenge is to detoxify the digestive tract and get a study flow of toxins to exit the major organs via coffee enemas and a number of helpful ingredients like bentonite, aloe vera, guar gum, charcoal, crushed flax seed, Castor oil and water. We'll get to the detoxification soon enough, just focus on eliminating toxic ingredients from the kitchen and from your focus of intent. Prepare yourself for an evolution in oxygen and nutrients. You will feel the change in a day or two and with yoga and aerobic exercise you will become addicted to the inhale. Keep surrendering the cream and salt and when you need chocolate then go for the 75% cocoa for the fix.
1. Eat 50% Raw and Fresh Juice
2. Mucus-less diet
3. Anti Fungal diet checklist
4. Eat Organic Local Produce
5. No: Sugar, Salt, Fat (except flax oil, never heat it!), Meat, Dairy
6. Oxygen - Breath, Niacin, Exercise, Love
7. pH test strips
8. Research detoxification therapies including coffee enemas

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