Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a few neighbors over for dinner...


Our Colorful Buffet
Check out the strawberries & apricots with cashew filled dates
There's always something happening around our little community. We gather together for every occasion from birthday, memorial, holiday and just because. Last night's gathering was "just because" just because, it's Spring, just because Summer is coming, just because we needed to come together to share food and wine, relax, and say more than we do when walking dogs together or working on projects in our garages.

I pulled together the produce from last weeks farmers market making homemade salsa, guacamole, hummus and a shredded garden salad with a lemon flax oil dressing. Our colorful dessert plate was constructed of candy sweet strawberries, apricots, dates with raw cashews rolled in cashew dust, and dehydrated fruits covered in dark chocolate. The dinner was so flavorful and the company was comical as usual.

Robbie brought bundles of electric flowers from her garden and a handful of her famous onion -horseradish cream cheese. We served a magnificent raw dinner to the beat of Ry Cooders New African Music Production as we lounged in the company of friends encircled by tasty ensembles.
Our evening drifted down the street walking dogs in the moonlight, full bellies, heavy eyes and laugh lines giggling off in a parade to the park.

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