Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where to start on your journey to self healing?

You might have just received a negative diagnosis from your doctor or you may just be searching for ways to thrive at your optimal health.

My intention is to offer a variety of links to websites that will encourage your journey through self healing.  I hope you'll consider the possibilities available through the naturopathic, homeopathic and holistic medical communities as complimentary to allopathic medicine.  Keep in mind that one doctor or medical group does not offer all of the range of healing options that could support you in the healing process.  Before you allow hopelessness and despair to take hold I hope you will take time to research other options and whole health care for body, mind, and spirit.

The Hidden Cure Video
The Hidden Cure Website - Dr. Laurens Maas
Fungus 101 Website
Fungus and Yeast are the cause of a variety of symptoms which are being diagnosed incorrectly.  Before you take a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug that merely treats a symptom, check out what these experts are proving to be the cause of many diseases. 
pH Balancing the body
Our bodies thrive when our systems are in a balanced pH.  When we are to acidic cells and tissues break down and result in disease. 
Proper Food Combining
Every food contains enzymes for proper digestion, if we combine ingredients improperly the result is fermentation in the intestinal tract and acidity throughout the cells.  Disease thrives in a fermented and acidic environment.
Here is a food combining chart to print out and keep on the fridge or take with you on the go.  Only eat the ingredients that are in the sections that directly touch, on the chart.
Digestive Expert
Probiotics are good bacteria that need to be replenished consistently to create a healthy environment in the entire intestinal tract from mouth to exit.  This is crucial for optimal health!
Food Matters Documentary
A documentary that introduces alternative cures and explains why the U.S. health care system does not promote them.
Michael Pollan Author
A leading author outlines the healthiest food choices and facts regarding farming practices across the globe.
Why Eat Raw?
The cooking process kills digestive enzymes in our foods creating a process of inflammation throughout the intestinal tract.
The China Study Dr. T. Colin Campbell
It is proven that a plant based diet can promote optimal health and even reverse disease.
Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet
Great information and recipes here.
Natural Remedies
Our western culture has taught us to depend on drugs that treat symptoms.  Check out some natural remedies that can be far more effective in treating the cause. 
Natural Remedies for Pets
A diet change and natural remedies can be far more effective and less expensive then a lifetime of dry kibble and pharmaceutical drugs.
Safe Ingredients for home and personal products
Eliminate as many toxins, from your environment, as possible.  The skin is the largest organ of the body which absorbs toxins from our body products, shower water, and cleaning products.  Our homes are full of materials that "off gas" toxins.  If you are healing from a disease you will need to identify all of the toxins in your environment.
Gluten & Casein Free
Proteins that many people can not tolerate.
California Farmers Markets
Every state has a source of local farmers markets.  If we support our local farmers we will cut down on the use of petrochemicals.  Eat as organic as possible and avoid GMO foods.

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