Thursday, September 9, 2010

Something Sweet

SWEET! I stepped out of the kitchen for a walk in the park and was surrounded by a glow of color.
These Rustic Pear Tarts with honey sweetened Phyllo baked up beautifully served with chilled cashew cream

Pumpkin Cashew Ice "Cream" with Raw Nut Truffle, honey and minced Rosemary

Add Wild Blueberries and serve

Pear ~ Apricot Tarts served with a dollop of Cashew Cream and Cranberry Sauce

This is a raw recipe of peach slices stacked in a turine, a nut-cranberry cookie and a dollop of cashew cream.

Raw Nut Truffles dipped in 72% dark chocolate

Fresh fruit in chocolate with chopped nuts

Beautiful Color

Apple Tarts

Ladies Tea

Fruit Station

Organic Still ~ Life
Seasonal Harvest

Apple Ravioli
Strawberry Sorbet in a Dark Chocolate Cups
Ginger Ice ~ Bliss

Raw Yogi Bars

Raw Trail Mix

Fresh Fruit Spring Rolls with Strawberry Puree
Fresh Berries with Cashew Cream and Dark Chocolate Leaves

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